Allen H. Farrington

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4800 Oak Grove Drive

M/S 300-149R

Pasadena, CA 91020


Over the past twenty-five years of my career, I have taken various levels of responsibility up to and including project and line management and I have met those responsibilities with success. I am looking to continue to expand my responsibilities within the different areas of Management to contribute to JPL's mission.

Career Objective:

Summary of Experience:

Over the past 25 years, I have demonstrated through my project work on the Deep Space Atomic Clock, CoNNeCT, CheMin, and Urey, that I can build a project team, organize their activities, and accomplish our objectives under sometimes difficult circumstances. I can work with both individual PI’s as well as larger, more diverse science teams. I have worked with multiple divisions and sections at one time blending various expertise into one cohesive team while maintaining good relationships with the line. I have extensive international experience with a variety of national space agencies as well as ESA. Through my experience in representing Division 31’s Formulation activities, I have contributed to multiple proposals and development efforts. I have been personally successful in formulation as well as execution and understand the value of strategic thinking and how it informs and links to day-to-day tactical decision-making. On the more technical side, I have integrated and tested complex software-based systems and flight hardware with demanding customers. I have direct experience with a variety of flight system components including detailed experience with flight instrumentation, telecommunications subsystems as well as the C&DH systems and flight software. I have an intimate knowledge of the workings of Safety and Mission Assurance and good relationships with many key players in that area. One of my institutional strengths is my understanding of the various financial systems in place at JPL used for both project planning and execution. I am formally trained in the use of Earned Value management techniques and have significant practical experience at JPL and externally.

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